How Brazil Can Turn Their Economy Around According To Felipe Montoro Jens

When countries fail to grasp the importance of properly executing infrastructure projects, the ramifications are more than a wake-up call. Unfortunately, Brazil seems loath to accept the severity of their current economic condition. After the National Confederation of Industry revealed that Brazil terminated 517 infrastructure jobs last year, everyone but Brazil seemed perturbed by this unfavorable reality. Of those 517 projects, 447 were basic sanitation jobs. Railways, highways, ports, and educational facilities were abandoned as well. As of result of their patent incompetence, Brazil depleted their financial resources by an alarming $10.7 billion. What’s more, their economy was left in utter ruin. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens

Though the country is still in this dire state, Brazil remains moored to their unsystematic practices. It’s for this reason why economists and analysts are desperately trying to rectify the situation. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual who’s voluntarily assumed this responsibility. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens has keen insight into these affairs. With that said, he had no trouble pinpointing Brazil’s shortcomings. Poor planning procedures were far and away the largest handicap, with outdated technology, inadequate training, and insufficient funding following close behind.

Jens’ ability to discern these pitfalls helped him formulate resolutions to these ongoing problems. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, there are numerous ways Brazil can get their operations back on track. Improving micro planning techniques, offering training seminars, strengthening internal controls, and designing balanced contracts are among a few of Jens’ proposals. While Jens maintains that Brazil will see improvement if they embrace reform, other specialists aren’t so sure. Jose Augusto Fernandes is one such individual, and Brazil has yet to gain his confidence. Fernandes believes that Brazil is unwilling to accept the error of their ways, and if his sentiments end up ringing true, Brazil will eventually fall to the wayside.