Ara Chackerian and TMS

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist in San Francisco, California. He has spent a lot of his career in healthcare. He has spent decades building a bridge between healthcare and technology. Besides being interested in healthcare, he’s also interested in environmental development along with youth development. His interest in the environment involves focusing on a Limonapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. This farm practices agriculture operations that are friendly to the environment. It also provides jobs for local residents that pay well.

Ara Chackerian and his business partner wanted to extend their experience to transcranial magnetic stimulation. They did research on this treatment for depression and realized it had potential in being an effective method of treatment. It was especially effective for patients with a depression disorder. It was firmly believed that transcranial magnetic stimulation would help so many people with depression. They decided to design a delivery model that benefited the patient and doctor while putting the patient first. In the past two years, they’ve built seven facilities.

Ara Chackerian wrote about how trying to change your lifestyle to be more sustainable is a lot easier than it sounds. Taking small steps such as riding public transportation or having a somewhat vegan diet can make a difference. You can try to conserve water where you can such as while taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Instead of continuously buying new bottles of water, keep one bottle that can be refilled.

Ara Chackerian has a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State. He has co-founded several companies and has been successful in businessq. He’s the co-founder of PipelineRx, TMS Health Solutions and BMC Diagnostics. He has also been the Executive Vice President for PSS/World Medical. He has been involved in healthcare for two decades and is the Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings.