Rocketship Education for the Under-served Communities

There are members of the community who have been disadvantaged regarding financial status and other health. Many people tend to forget about them, but this is not the case in Redwood City, California. In 2006, Rocketship Education was launched to, meet the needs of all those under-served communities across the United States. John Danner and Preston Smith were the creators of this initiative their primary goal was to give a sense of belonging to the under-served community members. Rocketship is a non-profit organization with headquarters based in San Francisco Bay Area. They serve a wide range of people to ensure they get a high-quality education in the country.

Rocketship Education specializes with E-learning and Edtech education. There are more than 1000 employees in this school who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring they serve the students at the individual level. They work hard to eliminate the existing gap between the rich and the poor as in this article. The systems used to teach the students are teacher-led to ensure that the learner acquires the right content at the right time based on the previous study and the teacher gives instructions to provide the student is trained using the correct method. Rocketship Education also involves the parents by creating awareness on how they should be advocates for their students in the future. By creating awareness to the parents, Rocketship management team is assured that the students will continue being monitored in the right direction. Recently, Rocketship Education raised about $3.3M to fund projects; one of the fundraisings was from the Grant round.

In the edsurge website, there are latest questions that have been raised about Rocketship, but the management team has made significant clarifications to the critics. They assured parents that the school had employed experts who are well aware of the needs of the students they train students on class work as well as on discipline cases. There is a set time table for the students to ensure that there is efficient classroom management. Preston Smith, one of the founders at Rocketship, stated that the student spends time learning Dreambox, MyOn, Lexia, and ST Math to expand their knowledge. Read about the Learning Lab here.

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Rocketship Education in San Jose and DC

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of elementary charter schools dedicated to low-income students. Founded in 2006, the non-profit organization was established to build a sustainable model to help students in struggling communities across the country. Rocketship Education’s model is led by the teachers and supported by technology. Every student has personalized lessons to fit their needs and Rocketship works to develop relationships with students’ parents. With the help of parents, community organizers, districts and other charter schools, Rocketship Education hopes to eliminate the achievement gap.

Rocketship Education has opened 25 new charter schools in the San Jose area. According to a study in 2014 by Harvard and the University of California, Berkley, children who were born in the late 80s in San Jose had just as much of a shot at prosperity as children born in more progressive countries like Canada and Denmark. However, since housing prices have skyrocketed and a majority of middle-class jobs have disappeared, lower-income families in San Jose have been struggling.

A study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) states that poorer students in San Jose have had a month of additional learning in math and reading when attending a charter school.

The DC Public Charter School Board has voted to allow Rocketship Education to open around eight schools. The regional director of Rocketship, Jacque Patterson, hopes that the schools will operate more like a neighborhood school instead of the district’s other charter schools. While any child can apply to their schools, Rocketship’s primary focus is on children from the Ward 8 neighborhood. A school could host up to 350 students in kindergarten through the second grade. 40% of applications so far have come from families living in the Woodland Terrace housing community. Rocketship also hopes to meet up with parents and organize events for parents to attend.