Madison Street Capital does it yet again

Madison Street Capital has over the years enjoyed exceptional performance as well as an impeccable track record to emerge the leader in their field of business. They have a workforce that has accumulated an extensive array of knowledge in anything to do with financing. They have built extensive relationships with others in the industry that has enabled them to maneuver through even the hardest of times. This healthy mix has made it one of the premier investment banking organizations. Expertise in mergers, acquisitions as well as advisory including financing corporate ventures has made it stand out globally. Their team of specialists can sit down and come up with an appropriate capitalization structure that is unique to every client’s needs. The firm has its main offices located in Chicago with others in different parts of the world including Africa, North America as well as Asia. Since it has been in the sector for some time, it draws plenty of experience to be able to offer services that include restructuring, valuation, forex investment services, private equity services, corporate services. It is not the number of services that they provide that matters but the quality of services that they offer to their clients. Their seasoned staff understands that every situation requires scrutiny as well as precise recommendations. People make decisions according to previous information, and with Madison Street Capital it is impossible to go wrong.




Recently, the company was the advisor to Sachs on its bid on RMG an upcoming industry player in the tech world. RMG is a provider of digital media hardware, proprietary software as well as services. Its reach is massive especially among the fortune one hundred companies of which half of them utilize their products and services. Charles Botchway who is the boss at Madison Street Capital released a statement in connection with the take –private. He mentioned Barry Petersen as the senior director who was directly involved with the ongoing talks as well as the leader of the team that made the transaction successful. Madison Street Capital reputation received yet another applause as Sachs representative Gregory who also happens to be the CEO expressed his gratitude to Madison for their effort and guidance that they provided. The two agree that the acquisition will be profitable especially as it has just launched a cloud-based service that syncs digital signage as well as corporate communication. Madison was there for them from the time they initiated the talks to the time that they concluded the takeover. The firm adds yet another feather in its cap for being an efficient partner that can deliver its promises to its clients. It is a company that can be trusted with handling anything financially related.


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