Dr Walden Provides The Proper Consultation For

Dr Jennifer Walden has become a leader in the area of cosmetic surgery. A plethora of people in Texas that have checked her Instagram account are people that are unhappy with their appearances. Walden has made a move from New York and moved back to her native state of Texas where she practices. There are a considerable number of people that have searched for her Instagram account and found before and after photos. When people get a chance to check out her social media they get a chance to see how she has been able to transform a number of lives.

People that are unhappy with their appearance may seek assistance from someone like Dr. Walden. Her award-winning skills in the area of plastic surgery has made her one of the more sought-after members of this medical profession. A growing number of patients have much trust in her abilities because they know that she is one of the best. It is rather easy to see how people may become quite appreciative of the work that she has done during her lengthy career. She utilizes some of the top technological devices to bring forth the results that people are looking for when it comes to rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is also something that is on the growing list of procedures. Women have found this surgery to be pleasing, and Walden has provided consultation for those that may be interested in giving this a try. There are a number of people that have become fans of Jennifer Walden because she has managed to help so many people that may have felt uncomfortable about their bodies. People that have followed Walden as she has moved back to Texas from New York are aware that she has received national recognition for the work that she has done in her field. Some potential patients may have even seen her on television. All of this is a testimony to her professionalism and her ability to help a number of people that are looking for someone to preform certain procedure. Her customer base is growing as a result of her relocation to the south.

Richard Liu Qiangdong On Not Giving Up On Your Ideas

E-commerce billionaire and Chinese internet star, Richard Liu Qiangdong, is a man with an impressive story to tell. For starters, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to earn each and every dollar on his current $12.7 billion net worth, which makes him one of the richest men in the world today. But the road hasn’t been this rosy for Richard Liu Qiangdong. During the most recent World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, where he was in attendance, the billionaire gave a brief history of how his journey was riddled with setbacks as well as trying moments. He began his journey in the business world as a restaurant owner. 

Unfortunately, the business didn’t take off as expected. Knee deep in debt  and in despair, Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t give up. He instead took a job as a salesman dealing in medical related products. Once his debt was cleared, Richard decided to give entrepreneurship yet another try.  But this time around, he went forward with another venture, which involved the sales of electronics. Thankfully, this business picked up quite well. But by 2003 the SARS pandemic hit which resulted in the crumbling of thousands of businesses. Thankfully, Richard Liu Qiangdong was fully prepared. And as a result of this, he quickly switched his business to an online platform.  By 2004, JD.com was founded and from there, everything seemed to have picked up quite well.

Ten years later, the online company was publically traded in NASDAQ and by 2016, it was raking annual revenues of close to $35 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong always made sure that his company was dealing with legit businesses.  And that’s exactly why his company has grown to become a $60 billion empire with well over 167,000 employees all across the globe. JD.com is also known for having well over 500 logistics stores in China alone. The 2017 Variety500 Honoree also made sure the delivery time was greatly improved. For starters, a lot of businesses took a lot of time to deliver their goods to customers. But with JD.com, they only take about 6-20 hours to deliver which is quite impressive. And at this point, the rest of their competitors can only play catch up. Learn More.

The Genius of Vijay Eswaran

Hailing from Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is a man of many talents. He is an entrepreneur, an author, and a world-renowned philanthropist. As a businessman, he is the founder and the executive chairperson of the QI Group of Companies, one of the biggest conglomerates with its presence in over 30 countries and operating in diverse markets such as retail, real estate, education, hospitality, and direct selling.

Vijay Eswaran is a truly self-made individual. After getting his early education from Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran earned a degree in Economics from the University of Education in London. He financed his education by working all kinds of odd jobs along with his studies. Once equipped with a degree, Vijay Eswaran moved to the US where he worked in the corporate sector for a few years. Here he put his formal education to the test and gained the experience that later helped him create his massive business back in his home country of Malaysia. Upon returning back to Asia, Vijay Eswaran set up a business in direct selling. Through his skill and relentless drive, the company went from its humble beginnings as a small business to a leader in South-East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Aside from his business ventures, which are many and varied, Eswaran has helped train and empower aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the world. His mentoring of young people has been his way of giving back to society. But his charity extends far beyond the training of entrepreneurs. His foundations help support education, empower young people and women, provide rescue and relief in disaster-stricken areas, and support arts and culture at various levels.

Eswaran is an overall exceptional businessman, a capable academic, and a humanitarian at heart. His struggles in life have reaped great results, and all the challenges he has faced have only made him a stronger individual.