Malcolm Cassel: Accomplishments and Legacy

This article is recapping an article by Malcolm CaSelle “Worldwide Asset eXchange” or (WAX) for short, is a platform that is withdrawn. This allows anyone to participate. They are taking part in a marketplace for virtual game assets. Here they are demonstrating the power of tokenizing the items that are in the game.


WAX has many different things it completes. They make transaction costs smaller. They also, form marketplaces for games that weren’t allowable before to fractionalize player profits and transfer assets from exchanges that were centralized. Tokenization is a way to allow ownership of assets that are virtual. This forms a modern, and accessible economy. It has a possibility to expand into areas that are physical.


Currently, Worldwide Asset eXchange has innovations that are very powerful. The innovations currently develop a new asset ecosystem, that couldn’t have been exchanged before. WAX will be in a position of strategy to physical asset groups to their platform onboard. This is as virtual items are traded successfully.


The President of WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is also the CIO of a marketplace called OPSkins. Here are some examples of the many jobs CasSelle worked for. One of them was OPSkins , a first-choice marketplace of both selling and buying items from video games online. Even before, he was the CTO and President of at a company called CTO. Also, CasSelle became CEO at Timeline Labs. This is a high solution to measure, display, and discover engaging content formed on social signaling.


Malcolm CasSelle began his job life as at a telecom called PCCW that was based in Hong Kong. In excess, it was currently valued at $35 billion USD. CasSelle, is bilingual and speaks two languages: Mandarin, and Japanese. He also has degrees from both Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.


Michael Zomber’s Exciting Life

Michael Zomber is a guy with a wide variety of things that he is passionate about. He has lived a very colorful life that has caused him to become noteworthy for a variety of reasons. Michael has said in many interviews that he is very surprised about the way his life has played out. He certainly did not plan to become involved in many of the things that have become very important things in his life. Michael went to college at the University of Illinois. It was there that he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in English. However, Michael has always been a very ambitious man. He displayed this ambition by also getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Michael has said that he decided to get two bachelor’s degrees because that gave him a much better chance of landing a great job after he got out of college. As you might imagine, Michael received quite a few job offers with those two degrees to his credit. However, Michael decided to stop applying for jobs and go back to school. He enrolled at UCLA where he eventually got a master’s degree in English literature. Michael found that he did not want to become an English literature professor like he had originally intended. His life took a very unexpected turn when he went with a friend to a gun show. He was drawn to the beautiful designs of the antique guns. Little did know that this would start a lifelong passion for antique gun collecting that still continues to this day.

Michael wanted to learn everything there was to know about old guns. He was attracted to the intricate carvings on the sides of the guns that were all done by hand. He also liked the precision craftsmanship in the way the guns were assembled. Michael eventually became one of the world’s greatest authorities regarding antique weaponry. Many TV channels would seek him out to do interviews for various historical programs. He has also written numerous articles and blog posts on this subject. Michael now has a collection of antique guns that many experts believe to be one of the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere in the world.  Michael took his exoneration, and made the very most of that.