GreenSky focuses on prime borrowers and high-value-creating deals

While David Zalik was working as the CEO of e-consulting firm OutWeb, he began to notice a serious problem in the way some of his home-remodeling company clients were handling certain aspects of their business. Specifically, Zalik saw that there were a large number of high-end homeowners who were coming in to stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot and looking to carry out big-ticket renovation projects. However, the majority of these homeowners had no experience in contracting. When they inevitably ended up underestimating the true cost of their projects by four- or five-figure amounts, the deals would often fall through. This wasn’t because of cost — most of these renovation projects were actually value-additive because they boosted the home’s price by more than they actually cost. Instead, many of these homeowners were unable to complete the renovation for simple lack of liquid funds to do so.

Zalik knew that insufficient cash on hand was a very common problem in real estate even for large commercial developers. However, where large real estate developers had access to sophisticated bridge-financing facilities, normal homeowners didn’t have anything similar to help them carry out their home renovation projects. This is where the idea of GreenSky  was born.

GreenSky  offers an enticing solution

Zalik created GreenSky  as a way for average homeowners who were looking to carry out a big-ticket remodeling project to have access to the same kind of instant cash infusions that the big dogs in real estate development enjoyed. GreenSky  matches up homeowners at the point of sale with some of the largest lenders in the country, offering them instant loan terms that are often good enough that few can turn them down. A typical GreenSky  loan involves no interest or payments needing to be made in the first year of the loan. Because the average GreenSky customer has a FICO score above 760, the vast majority of its borrowers pay the loan back, in full, within the first year.

At the same time, GreenSky partner banks get high-performing loans on their books, and contractors and home improvement businesses get billions in additional business each year.

Summer Kindness Initiative From Class Dojo Communication App

Class Dojo is an app that has revolutionized the way parents, students and teachers communicate. This app is free to download on smart devices. If you do not have a smart device you can also create an account online for free. Throughout the day the teacher can communicate with the parent about their child. This app also allows for photo and video sharing as well as a point system.

Students are able to create a dojo monster that is customized. Each student will receive points throughout the day. These points will reflect positive actions such as “one point for helping pick up spilled crayons” or a negative point such as “minus one point for forgetting homework” The child wants to strive to achieve one hundred percent each day. The parents can view this progress as the day progresses and then speak with their children after school. This application opens up conversations such as “I am very proud of you for helping clean up in class today” and the child can then converse about what happened. Another conversation that could occur may be “We worked hard on your homework last night, did you forget it at home?” This way your child is aware that you as a parent are aware of their daily activities.

Class Dojo is embracing summer break and utilizing their app service to keep parents engaged with their children throughout the long summer months. Each day Class Dojo is giving helpful summer tips or advice on outings and crafts that a family can participate in. These actions will keep the doors of communication open and continually allow families to bond. Roughly one out of eight families across the country utilizes the app and this new summer kindness program is embracing that outreach while promoting kindness and communication. Parents can still photo share with a child’s teacher until a new teacher is assigned to that student and parents can embrace the fun ideas that Class Dojo is sharing.