Dr Walden Provides The Proper Consultation For

Dr Jennifer Walden has become a leader in the area of cosmetic surgery. A plethora of people in Texas that have checked her Instagram account are people that are unhappy with their appearances. Walden has made a move from New York and moved back to her native state of Texas where she practices. There are a considerable number of people that have searched for her Instagram account and found before and after photos. When people get a chance to check out her social media they get a chance to see how she has been able to transform a number of lives.

People that are unhappy with their appearance may seek assistance from someone like Dr. Walden. Her award-winning skills in the area of plastic surgery has made her one of the more sought-after members of this medical profession. A growing number of patients have much trust in her abilities because they know that she is one of the best. It is rather easy to see how people may become quite appreciative of the work that she has done during her lengthy career. She utilizes some of the top technological devices to bring forth the results that people are looking for when it comes to rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is also something that is on the growing list of procedures. Women have found this surgery to be pleasing, and Walden has provided consultation for those that may be interested in giving this a try. There are a number of people that have become fans of Jennifer Walden because she has managed to help so many people that may have felt uncomfortable about their bodies. People that have followed Walden as she has moved back to Texas from New York are aware that she has received national recognition for the work that she has done in her field. Some potential patients may have even seen her on television. All of this is a testimony to her professionalism and her ability to help a number of people that are looking for someone to preform certain procedure. Her customer base is growing as a result of her relocation to the south.

Matthew Fleeger Helps to Support Sadie Keller Foundation

Matthew Fleeger, chairman and executive officer, of Gulf Coast Western, LLC decided to help the Sadie Keller Foundation. He wanted to help her with the Annual Christmas Toy Drive by collecting more toys than ever before. The company donated over $14.000 dollars worth of toys to Sadie’s Sleigh her toy drive.

Sadie Keller is young girl that at age 7 was diagnosed with cancer. Sadie fought cancer for three years with blood transfusions, weekly chemotherapy, and fighting infections. She eventually started her own foundation to raise awareness of cancer, and she became an advocate for other children. Sadie says that having cancer made her think about others and what they have to go through.

Matthew Fleeger became inspired by Sadie’s story when he attended a fundraiser in 2018. He was impressed that she started The Sadie Keller Foundation. The fundraiser was held in 2018, at the Crespi Estate in Dallas. Being a cancer survivor himself, Matthew understood the physical and emotional impact cancer has on adults and children. That evening he made a $25,000 match donation that helped the Sadie Keller Foundation raise


For the Christmas Toy Drive he had 45 employees collect toys for the cause. These toys are distributed to children cancer patients that are hospitalized. Matthew is know for his skills in oil and gas exploration. He has an background in managing businesses in waste management, tanning, and food service.

In 1993, he founded a company called MedSolutions. This company handles the disposal of medical wastes and managing it. He eventually sold this company in 2007 for $59 million. After this, he became president of Gulf Coast Western.

He begins his day dropping off the kids at school and at the office organizing his schedule. He says that technology has made the oil and gas business an exciting venture. He thinks writing task lists is one of his most productive traits. He tries to visualize a positive outcome, when he takes on project. Find out more about Matthew Fleeger: https://interview.net/matthew-fleeger/

How Serge Belamant Came To Invent Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of technology, but the French computer scientist has had a lot of success with his inventions. The technologies he’s helped to invent have widely been praised as the foundation for many financial technologies that are still being used. He’s also well-known as one of the patent holders of blockchain technologies.

Read more on https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=7763589&privcapId=4494391

However, Serge Belamant wasn’t always one of the leading figures in technology, and he took quite a path to get there. Mr. Belamant was born in France in 1953 before moving to South Africa at the age of 14; this move forced him to learn English before he could attend school. However, he applied himself extensively to his education and achieved significant results during his schooling; many reports suggest that he was one of the more intelligent students in the class. This eventually led to Serge Belamant going to college; he initially went to University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg to study Engineering.

However, in the second year, he switched his major to Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. This would happen again in his third year of college when he transferred to the University of South Africa; he also switched his major to Informational Studies. Eventually, though, he would end up dropping out of college before getting his degree. However, Serge Belamant had a backup and began working at Matrix’s BKSH division at the age of 22.

Due to the many limitations of the hardware and software that he was supposed to use, Mr. Belamant ended up creating a variety of apps that made his job a lot easier. He then started doing this for the likes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and a variety of other companies. These ended up being extremely complex, but Mr. Belamant knew what he was doing.

Following this, Serge Belamant worked on complex apps and computer programs for a variety of banks and credit card companies. These led to a variety of innovations that are still in use today. Some of the most notable of these include the largest underpinnings of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. Visit inspirery.com