The Brilliant Approach to Therapy By Talkspace

Talkspace is using an app to change the story of thousands of people affected by mental health. With just a text app, the platform is changing lives through better and efficient way to get therapy. Since the onset of the text app, over 400,000 people have benefited from this futuristic development. Apart from using the phone app, the platform is also available through a laptop or through an iPad. What makes Talkspace a unique platform for mental health therapy?

First, it is the first online platform to incorporate a comprehensive therapy outline. The platform has a complete procedure, which is identical to a normal trip to a therapist. For example, once you sign up for this platform, the first thing is getting an assessment. Assessment allows the therapist, to understand the situation better before recommending the way forward. After objectively understanding the situation, the therapist designs the treatment procedure. Unlike other similar platforms, Talkspace has the best security features. This security feature ensures that the conversations and patient’s details are safe.

Second, Talkspace is a home to more than 2000 therapists. These therapists are not only highly qualified but they are also licensed. These requirements ensure that the patients get the best services each time they communicate with the professional. Finally, Talkspace as an app allows text messages any time of the day. This makes the platform more efficient compared to the traditional therapy session s where one must book a session before getting help.

Michael Phelps journey through anxiety and latter through this platform is one of the best and encouraging stories especially to people struggling with anxiety. Phelps, a well-known athlete illustrates that this platform is the best solution provider for people with all kinds of mental health issues. His story was a one-step into mental health awareness around the world.

What is the future of Talkspace? The future if this platform is promising. Their approach to medication, availability, and access to the best therapists makes it the future of better mental health awareness. Through the Talkspace social media pages, the platform shares with the public mental health awareness messages.

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