Madison Street Capital does it yet again

Madison Street Capital has over the years enjoyed exceptional performance as well as an impeccable track record to emerge the leader in their field of business. They have a workforce that has accumulated an extensive array of knowledge in anything to do with financing. They have built extensive relationships with others in the industry that has enabled them to maneuver through even the hardest of times. This healthy mix has made it one of the premier investment banking organizations. Expertise in mergers, acquisitions as well as advisory including financing corporate ventures has made it stand out globally. Their team of specialists can sit down and come up with an appropriate capitalization structure that is unique to every client’s needs. The firm has its main offices located in Chicago with others in different parts of the world including Africa, North America as well as Asia. Since it has been in the sector for some time, it draws plenty of experience to be able to offer services that include restructuring, valuation, forex investment services, private equity services, corporate services. It is not the number of services that they provide that matters but the quality of services that they offer to their clients. Their seasoned staff understands that every situation requires scrutiny as well as precise recommendations. People make decisions according to previous information, and with Madison Street Capital it is impossible to go wrong.




Recently, the company was the advisor to Sachs on its bid on RMG an upcoming industry player in the tech world. RMG is a provider of digital media hardware, proprietary software as well as services. Its reach is massive especially among the fortune one hundred companies of which half of them utilize their products and services. Charles Botchway who is the boss at Madison Street Capital released a statement in connection with the take –private. He mentioned Barry Petersen as the senior director who was directly involved with the ongoing talks as well as the leader of the team that made the transaction successful. Madison Street Capital reputation received yet another applause as Sachs representative Gregory who also happens to be the CEO expressed his gratitude to Madison for their effort and guidance that they provided. The two agree that the acquisition will be profitable especially as it has just launched a cloud-based service that syncs digital signage as well as corporate communication. Madison was there for them from the time they initiated the talks to the time that they concluded the takeover. The firm adds yet another feather in its cap for being an efficient partner that can deliver its promises to its clients. It is a company that can be trusted with handling anything financially related.


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Ted Bauman Lacks Confidence In US Equities

Economist Ted Bauman has been feeling less confident about the overall US stock market. It is one of the longest bull markets in history and it may have just about run its course. Ted Bauman was born in the United States and traveled to South Africa when he got older in order to earn a degree in economics. He has worked many years assisting those in need all over the world. Much of his written work has been published in journals in many different countries. He gained experience in low-risk investing strategies over his many years living in South Africa and feels it is the best way for investors to make money in the markets. His current view of the United States stock market is bleak.

He does not put a date to a market crash scenario, but he does list factors that Bauman believes that he could drive the United States into a recession and a bear market in equities.One factor that could end the bull market in US stocks is that the market is extremely overvalued. Ted Bauman is not the only a famous economist who believes stock valuations in the US are at extremes. Eventually, more investors will realize that stocks are too overvalued, and they will run for the exits at the same time, causing equity prices to plunge rapidly. Another factor that could cause a bear market and push the US into a recession is the current trade war with China and the US.

Mr. Bauman has stated that China could end up retaliating against US companies and hurt their earnings. Ted Bauman also feels that interest rates could cause the bull market to end. Currently, interest rates are still historically low. However, there is a lot of debt in the financial system and many financial investment analysts believe that the US economy will be unable to handle rates higher than three percent.Ted Bauman currently writes three newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He provides his subscribers with advice on how to invest properly. He feels that average people should be allotted the same opportunities as the super-rich. Bauman advises investor that now is a time to take cation n the markets and to focus on low-risk investing strategies and wealth preservation.

OSI Industries Had A Banner Year In Britain In 2016:

OSI Industries, a world-leading distributor of wholesale food products, has grown from a regional U.S. food distributor into a company with operations across the globe. Since the 1970s, the OSI business model has been corporate expansion by taking advantage of opportunities for acquisition, merger and partnership. Even though OSI already occupies the space of being one of the world’s largest food processing operations, the company continues to diligently expand operations when the opportunities present themselves. Recent years have seen some big expansions in areas such as Australia and Europe and 2016 marked a particularly impressive run for OSI Industries in the United Kingdom. Learn more about OSI at

The 2016 calendar years saw OSI Industries acquire a British company called Flagship Europe. This company was a great addition to OSI’s portfolio of companies due to the fact that it has such a highly regarded reputation in the U.K. food market. Flagship Europe is known for its extensive range of high-quality products that range from items such as pies, sous vide and frozen poultry among others. The ever-expanding Food To Go area of the food service industry is also an area that Flagship Europe has placed a large amount of focus on. Flagship’s Chief Executive Russell Maddock has emphasized the fact that this business deal was great for his company because it greatly increases the firm’s overall resources. David McDonald, OSI President and board member echoed this sentiment and also emphasized that the Flagship brand was a great addition to OSI’s extensive family.

On November 25, 2016, OSI Industries added another accomplishment to its banner years in the United Kingdom. This was due to the fact that the British Safety Council chose the food processing giant as its Globe of Honour awardee for 2016. O: SI was among eighteen other great organizations that were recognized by the council for their commitment to maintaining environmentally sustainable facilities and operations.

Big news for OSI Industries in Europe was not limited to the U.K. during 2016. OSI also gained control of a Dutch food processing firm called Baho Food that year as well. With operations in both the Netherlands and Germany and an impressive geographic distribution line, Baho Food is yet another great addition to OSI’s family of companies.



JD Plans to Study the Underground Urban Logistic Network

Logistic experts have expressed their concern on Telsia motors founder Elon musk project of the subterranean tunnels freight transport system, and its widespread adoption. However, China’s giant e-commerce company, has announced its plan to launch a similar urban underground tunnel to deliver parcels to consumers and businesses.The announcement was released at the JD. Com’s 2018 global smart supply summit in the Chinese capital Beijing. The company announced it plans to roll out its smart urban logistics which will develop a design for urban hubs as well as top-level plans for the logistic system as well as to come up with platforms for big data and cloud computing for the logistic system.

The organization will constitute the business and academic experts from Nankai University, Institute Of Comprehensive Transportation, Beefing Jiao Tong University, Wuzi University, Shanghai Maritime University, and Sino Tran & CSC.The first item on this development is determining whether the underground system can utilize the subterranean tracks together with the integrated municipal pipe corridors. JD. Com has maintained even though the project sounds far-fetched; it is justifiable due to the high cost involved in last mile fulfillment of services in urban centers.Presently, the freight at JD makes a significant input to urban traffic emission, and consist of a third of the total road capacity as research papers from company indicates.

Chinas high rate of urbanization is likely to exacerbate the situation and cause intense environmental changes and pollution, which can disrupt people’s lives, as the firm stated.If the company succeeds in establishing a ground network delivery system, it will enable the urban logistic operation to be environmentally friendly as well as improve its efficiency, while at the same time preserving above ground space that traditional logistics system would occupy.Chen Xian Sheng, the Chinese Academy of engineering current director, said most smart and effective urban centers usually make the best use of their available resources and space. He mentioned that when he was launching the new institute of research. The development of the underground logistic system will not only help to alleviate environment pollution but save urban space as well.


Stream Energy and Their Efforts with Philanthropy

Stream Energy is an energy company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They also serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Illinois, and Washington D.C. They have been in business since 2005. The company advanced efforts to Georgia during 2008. By 2010 they had advanced to the Northeast. The services they provide their customers include energy and gas.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston residents and businesses that were affected by the storm. Stream Energy made the decision to help aid the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Countless buildings and homes were flooded and were in need of repair. Stream Energy donated funds to help those affected by the hurricane. The company also preformed charity work to help those affected. They have their own philanthropy group called “Stream Cares.” Their organization is for the purpose of giving back to the community. They aim to give back across the United States, not just in Dallas, Texas.

They partnered with Hope Supply Co. following the effects of the storm. Their goal was to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The company has been involved in philanthropy since the begging of their foundation. Their goal is to be of assistance to the community and the neighboring cities. Often times when a corporation decides to dedicate a portion of their resources to philanthropy, there are usually some challenges associated. Stream Energy has been able to remain a reputable business and receive revenue, while providing the community with charitable services. By their charitable acts, they have received the loyalty and respect of the Dallas, Texas community.

According to statistics from 2016, corporate business in the United States donated a total of $19 billion. Stream Energy has business relations with organizations such as Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross. The company’s business model is simple and condensed in order to remain in business while managing all efforts.

The Brilliant Approach to Therapy By Talkspace

Talkspace is using an app to change the story of thousands of people affected by mental health. With just a text app, the platform is changing lives through better and efficient way to get therapy. Since the onset of the text app, over 400,000 people have benefited from this futuristic development. Apart from using the phone app, the platform is also available through a laptop or through an iPad. What makes Talkspace a unique platform for mental health therapy?

First, it is the first online platform to incorporate a comprehensive therapy outline. The platform has a complete procedure, which is identical to a normal trip to a therapist. For example, once you sign up for this platform, the first thing is getting an assessment. Assessment allows the therapist, to understand the situation better before recommending the way forward. After objectively understanding the situation, the therapist designs the treatment procedure. Unlike other similar platforms, Talkspace has the best security features. This security feature ensures that the conversations and patient’s details are safe.

Second, Talkspace is a home to more than 2000 therapists. These therapists are not only highly qualified but they are also licensed. These requirements ensure that the patients get the best services each time they communicate with the professional. Finally, Talkspace as an app allows text messages any time of the day. This makes the platform more efficient compared to the traditional therapy session s where one must book a session before getting help.

Michael Phelps journey through anxiety and latter through this platform is one of the best and encouraging stories especially to people struggling with anxiety. Phelps, a well-known athlete illustrates that this platform is the best solution provider for people with all kinds of mental health issues. His story was a one-step into mental health awareness around the world.

What is the future of Talkspace? The future if this platform is promising. Their approach to medication, availability, and access to the best therapists makes it the future of better mental health awareness. Through the Talkspace social media pages, the platform shares with the public mental health awareness messages.

How Brazil Can Turn Their Economy Around According To Felipe Montoro Jens

When countries fail to grasp the importance of properly executing infrastructure projects, the ramifications are more than a wake-up call. Unfortunately, Brazil seems loath to accept the severity of their current economic condition. After the National Confederation of Industry revealed that Brazil terminated 517 infrastructure jobs last year, everyone but Brazil seemed perturbed by this unfavorable reality. Of those 517 projects, 447 were basic sanitation jobs. Railways, highways, ports, and educational facilities were abandoned as well. As of result of their patent incompetence, Brazil depleted their financial resources by an alarming $10.7 billion. What’s more, their economy was left in utter ruin. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens

Though the country is still in this dire state, Brazil remains moored to their unsystematic practices. It’s for this reason why economists and analysts are desperately trying to rectify the situation. Felipe Montoro Jens is one such individual who’s voluntarily assumed this responsibility. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens has keen insight into these affairs. With that said, he had no trouble pinpointing Brazil’s shortcomings. Poor planning procedures were far and away the largest handicap, with outdated technology, inadequate training, and insufficient funding following close behind.

Jens’ ability to discern these pitfalls helped him formulate resolutions to these ongoing problems. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, there are numerous ways Brazil can get their operations back on track. Improving micro planning techniques, offering training seminars, strengthening internal controls, and designing balanced contracts are among a few of Jens’ proposals. While Jens maintains that Brazil will see improvement if they embrace reform, other specialists aren’t so sure. Jose Augusto Fernandes is one such individual, and Brazil has yet to gain his confidence. Fernandes believes that Brazil is unwilling to accept the error of their ways, and if his sentiments end up ringing true, Brazil will eventually fall to the wayside.