Malcolm Cassel: Accomplishments and Legacy

This article is recapping an article by Malcolm CaSelle “Worldwide Asset eXchange” or (WAX) for short, is a platform that is withdrawn. This allows anyone to participate. They are taking part in a marketplace for virtual game assets. Here they are demonstrating the power of tokenizing the items that are in the game.


WAX has many different things it completes. They make transaction costs smaller. They also, form marketplaces for games that weren’t allowable before to fractionalize player profits and transfer assets from exchanges that were centralized. Tokenization is a way to allow ownership of assets that are virtual. This forms a modern, and accessible economy. It has a possibility to expand into areas that are physical.


Currently, Worldwide Asset eXchange has innovations that are very powerful. The innovations currently develop a new asset ecosystem, that couldn’t have been exchanged before. WAX will be in a position of strategy to physical asset groups to their platform onboard. This is as virtual items are traded successfully.


The President of WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is also the CIO of a marketplace called OPSkins. Here are some examples of the many jobs CasSelle worked for. One of them was OPSkins , a first-choice marketplace of both selling and buying items from video games online. Even before, he was the CTO and President of at a company called CTO. Also, CasSelle became CEO at Timeline Labs. This is a high solution to measure, display, and discover engaging content formed on social signaling.


Malcolm CasSelle began his job life as at a telecom called PCCW that was based in Hong Kong. In excess, it was currently valued at $35 billion USD. CasSelle, is bilingual and speaks two languages: Mandarin, and Japanese. He also has degrees from both Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.


Academy of Art University looks to the future

New York Fashion Week Shows are what it’s all about. The work, the wait and now it’s time to show what you’ve got. On September 9th of this year the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion participated in its 21st runway show during New York Fashion Week. The diverse backgrounds in the 10 recent graduates participating in the show lead to unique and creative designs that impressed the crowds. All the classes and hard work lead to this opportunity to show their stuff in front of peers and the professionals.


The future forward fashions showed off a broad range of textiles, silhouettes, and styles. Vinyl and PVC, vintage denim, lightweight wool, lambskin leather, cashmere knits, brocades, patent leather, jersey and wool were among the materials used to construct these wearable pieces of art. The passion and no fear approach these new designers displayed is a tribute to the knowledge and techniques they acquired during their education.


It appears the Academy of Art University has turned out another group of talented designers. The school was founded in 1929 and in 2002 started offering full and part time online education for those needing more flexibility.


They offer students a large number of services including career assistance. If you are interested in the arts, have always wanted to explore a creative outlet, seeking a career in the arts, than The Academy of Art University may be for you. With education in fields such as Acting, architecture, art history, photography and of course Fashion, along with many many more, there are numerous options to choose from.


Visit their site to learn more about the different departments and degrees available. Read about the faculty and very impressive list of alumni. Look through the services they are able to offer students. If you are going to be in the area schedule a tour or attend an open house. See what they can offer you.