Anthony Petrello Is A Leader Possessing The True Spirit Of Exceptional Communication:

Everyone who knows Anthony Petrello, knows that they are dealing with an honest and forthright leader. Persons find the “grounded” Petrello an inspiring leader and exceptional community participant.

It is Petrello’s intelligence, communicative ability, concern for the community, as a whole, and strength of purpose which provides him notice and qualified recognition. He is truly exceptional, in his level of active community involvement and his foremost leadership skills as CEO of Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries, is a major well drilling oil servicing company, and equipment provider and manufacturer. The well drilling oil servicing operation is full of complication–if not handled properly. It takes exceptional leadership skills in: a) recognizing all the risks and associated liabilities of an operation; and b) to evaluate and minimize those risks, in the most advantageous and acceptable manner.

It is Anthony Petrello’s high-end thought processes that keeps Nabors Industries and its matchless staff of personnel to continue to perform exceptionally, in the way of providing a safe environment and providing Nabors Industries’ world-wide customer base with superior service levels.

Anthony Petrello, and his dedicated staff, at Nabors Industries, remain committed to providing its diverse and globalized customer-base with the best in technological upgrades, knowledgeable use of those upgrades, and perfected standards, within an industry that continually evolves.

There are many areas, which Anthony Petrello provides strategy at Nabors Industries. He is always keeping certain his well-appointed staff are kept safe and content, within their respective working environments.

He is under the tremendous responsibility of assuring all of his stakeholders, receive their dividends–which he does so with a great deal of logical thought and ease. If anything, Anthony Petrello is certainly not under-confident. Anthony Petrello is a visionary and very much a practical thinker: He is quite self-assured–which bolds well for an international firm such as the eminent Nabors Industries.

Where has Anthony Petrello attained this level of fair-mindedness and confidence?

Suffice it to say, Anthony Petrello’s academic years are “second-to-none.” Mr. Petrello, early on, was described as a mathematical genius–and he truly was a mathematical genius. “Hmmm!” He probably thought. He quite readily took his talent to Yale University: earning, two Mathematical Degrees from the well-known American Ivy League University–one–a B.S. in Mathematics; and the other an M.S. in Mathematics. There are some who are fortunate in getting a Scientific calculator to work properly; however, Anthony Petrello, quite admirably, attained two Degrees in Mathematics, from Yale, most effortlessly.

His next formative academic activity consisted of, handily, matriculating to the prestigious and famous University of Harvard Law School. Certainly, a most engaging and humbling experience, for any of us. Some very well-known persons are instructors at the highly-acclaimed college. It was at Harvard Law School that Anthony Petrello earned a J.D. His high-end communication skills, since this skill-set is quite the requirement in law school, served him well.

Anthony Petrello moved on from Harvard Law School and landed a very good post at the international law firm of: Baker McKenzie. He became Managing Partner at Baker McKenzie and worked out of the New York Office.

After his tenure at Baker McKenzie, Anthony Petrello, made the move to Nabors Industries. Today he is the leader of the international well drilling service organization and producer of high-end equipment–as it pertains to directional drilling, offshore and on-shore well drilling activities.

He is a Director, too, at Stewart & Stevenson.

The company of Stewart & Stevenson, was founded in Houston in 1902. It manufacturers and distributes products and provides services relative to the gas and oil industries, construction industry, marine sector; transportation ,mining, power– generation, and agricultural areas.

The company serves the international as well as the domestic markets. It provides its diverse customer-base with equipment, rentals, service and parts. It provides its customers, too, in way of provisioning, the above services and equipment, with a number of well-placed service and sales centers–set up within various domestic and global locations.

Anther foremost organization which Anthony Petrello is a Director is Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital is considered one of the most eminent pediatric healthcare institutions, within the Houston area.

About Nabors Industries:

Anthony Petrello provides leadership, as has been mentioned above to Nabors Industries. In brief, Nabors Industries provides it consumer-base with the following services.

Once again, under the direction of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries: owns and operates the largest land-based drilling rig fleet–the world over.

It is a significant provider of off-shore drilling rigs in America and within various global marketplaces. The company provides Directional Drilling Services, too.

Its innovative technology, known throughout the international markets, “positions” the company as a primary oil and gas well-drilling servicer and producer of high-tech equipment. The company, which Anthony Petrello oversees, is considered one which continually sets inspirational high-end standards, as it pertains to excellence.

Conclusively, taking strong leadership control and doing so in the confident manner of Anthony Petrello is something, definitely not for light-weights. Leave it to Anthony Petrello to confidently “step up to the plate,” to meet the challenge.

Lori Senecal: Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Leading Lady

The world of advertising can be a tough one to break into, with numerous advertising companies coming up with the next big idea to market a product. The industry isn’t driven by the size of a company but by the sheer creativity that a company offers their clients. Lori Senecal is one person who knows how to lead a business in this kind of a cut throat industry, to emerge as one of the top advertising companies in the country. Currently, Lori is the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a company driven by excellence and creativity to offer clients some of the best advertising campaigns.

Because of her experience in the field of advertising, Lori is soon becoming one of the big players in the world of publicity, becoming one of the most sought after women in the field. But it isn’t just her gender that sets Lori apart from the rest. Her extreme dedication to the field and incredibly on point business sense is what had led Lori to achieve success for herself. As the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori is responsible for all the company’s undertakings and all the ad campaigns that the company puts out. Also, Lori also overlooks all the matters of the international significance of the company, doubling as a global CEO of the enterprise.

Lori has been responsible for the upbringing of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and is the woman behind the company’s growth and development over the years. Since joining Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori has led the company in a favourable direction, making it the prominent industry player it is today. Because of her expertise in matters of business administration, Lori also takes care of things in all nine of the agencies international offices across the world.

Under her guidance and leadership, Lori has led Crispin Porter + Bogusky to be one an internationally acclaimed company which knows how to sell to globalised markets in numerous companies across the world. With her knowledge of the world of advertising, Lori has managed to make a name for herself, as well as her company. Recently, she has spoken at the 3% Conference.

Lori has always taken an unconventional path when it comes to achieving her goals. As a child, Lori grew up in a rather competitive environment which helped her seek new ways to meet the tasks handed to her, to stay above the competition. Growing up in Canada, Lori attended McGill University in Montreal and received a degree in business administration before entering advertising.

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