Investment Banking Offering Wealth Creation Solutions

Investment banking is a branch of banking that involves the creation of capital on behalf of other companies and entities. It entails the underwriting of new debt and equity securities. Investment banking is usually undertaken by investment banks, with a majority of them affiliated with larger banking institutions.


Investment banks aid in selling equities, facilitating mergers and acquisitions as well as reorganizations. They broker trades on behalf of private investors as well as institutions, besides guiding issuers in matters related to the issue and placement of stock. Investment banks are usually behind complicated financial transactions. Although a majority of them are subsidiaries, they have become household names.
Investment bankers are employed by investment banks to help the clients manage large projects. Their work saves the customer time and money by identifying and pinpointing the weak points in the client’s plan before proceeding with the project. To be a successful investment banker, an individual must have extensive knowledge of the financial sector, and be in touch with the current investing climate.
Individuals, businesses, and institutions seek advice from investment banks on how to plan their development. Investment bankers often tailor solutions applicable to specific individuals and businesses based on the present economic affairs. Investment banks also act as middlemen between companies and investors during the issuing of stocks and bonds. Investment banks help the institutions with the pricing of financial instruments in a bid to maximize the revenue. Additionally, they assist individual investors in identifying the most appropriate stocks and investment options to bank on. Both ways, investment banking works in creating wealth for the clients.
Martin Lustgarten is one of the most successful investment bankers today. He is the founder of the Lustgarten Martin Investment Bank. Martin has steadily grown his career through offering the best advice to his customers. His business acumen has been vital in building his firm, and he is still striving to push it to the top of the global market. His success at Lustgarten Martin Investment Bank is attributed to an active training program he maintains for his entire staff.
Martin is quite active in several major social networks. He is a family man with a wife and two children. He is a music lover and spends his free time collecting vintages.

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