Rocketship Education for the Under-served Communities

There are members of the community who have been disadvantaged regarding financial status and other health. Many people tend to forget about them, but this is not the case in Redwood City, California. In 2006, Rocketship Education was launched to, meet the needs of all those under-served communities across the United States. John Danner and Preston Smith were the creators of this initiative their primary goal was to give a sense of belonging to the under-served community members. Rocketship is a non-profit organization with headquarters based in San Francisco Bay Area. They serve a wide range of people to ensure they get a high-quality education in the country.

Rocketship Education specializes with E-learning and Edtech education. There are more than 1000 employees in this school who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring they serve the students at the individual level. They work hard to eliminate the existing gap between the rich and the poor as in this article. The systems used to teach the students are teacher-led to ensure that the learner acquires the right content at the right time based on the previous study and the teacher gives instructions to provide the student is trained using the correct method. Rocketship Education also involves the parents by creating awareness on how they should be advocates for their students in the future. By creating awareness to the parents, Rocketship management team is assured that the students will continue being monitored in the right direction. Recently, Rocketship Education raised about $3.3M to fund projects; one of the fundraisings was from the Grant round.

In the edsurge website, there are latest questions that have been raised about Rocketship, but the management team has made significant clarifications to the critics. They assured parents that the school had employed experts who are well aware of the needs of the students they train students on class work as well as on discipline cases. There is a set time table for the students to ensure that there is efficient classroom management. Preston Smith, one of the founders at Rocketship, stated that the student spends time learning Dreambox, MyOn, Lexia, and ST Math to expand their knowledge. Read about the Learning Lab here.

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What Sunday Riley Has Done to Achieve Success

Sunday Riley decided to launch a company with her name in 2009. Riley felt there was a need for green products, active ingredients, and botanicals to help the person look younger. The founder, Riley is proud of most of the products her company has created, but she would have no problem cutting the product if it does not perform well. Riley acquired most of her skills my only job, and she creates products through trial and error. She’s responsible for creating a product called Good Genes, and it was made within 20 shades. Riley is proud of her brand, but she remains humble. Riley attempt to keep reading praise and looking at her photos to a minimum. Good Genes has been successful because it is allowed people to get quick results. People have been passing the word regarding how well Good Gene works, and it helped Good Gene’s growing in popularity.

Sunday Riley has successful products such as Good Genes, Power Couple, and Tidal. Some of the products created are a part of Riley’s routine of keeping her skin clean. Probably thinks it is very important for people to wash their face to have great skin. Exfoliation of the skin is important to have great skin. Riley was named by her father who thought it would be important to have a name that would work if she started a business. Riley started a makeup line as far as back as 2011, but it would not last because it did not have enough publicity, and the product created problems financially.

Sunday Riley was able to create a foundation that consists 20 shades. It was a sheer formula that provided great coverage to anyone that used it. It was helpful that many people decided to test the product. Many family and friends were involved in the success of the foundation.

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Papa John’s New Struggle

The new CEO Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s recently wrote a letter to its employees, franchisees, and customers detailing the substantial steps Papa John’s intends to take to repair a reputation that has fallen over the past year. In his letter, he stated that the company’s leadership team had already completed the first step in the plan which was to do among themselves an “unconscious bias training.” He then stated that he and others in the leadership would be visiting various franchises throughout the company in the following months.

He also stated that Papa John’s was assembling an advisory team of diversity, equity, and inclusion experts. To the end of reputation repair, Papa John’s is even now developing a new minority-owned franchise expansion and development program and a new foundation focused on positively impacting communities with Papa John’s restaurants. But Ritchie is clear that these organizations in development are only the beginning of taking the company back to its values. Ritchie is not new with the pizza world. He has been highly involved in it for more than 25 years.

In his role as PJ’s CEO, he will be leading 120,000 corporate and franchise employees all over the world. He also fully realizes that he is responsible to the company’s partners, custumers, and communities. While its profitability is going up at this present time, it is still somewhat below what it was a little over a year ago. Ritchie believes that although recovery will be slow, Papa John’s will eventually get to where it wants to be. His sights are in particular set on attracting Millennial and Gen Z customers. Sadly, prior to getting to this point there may be store closures in the coming months.

Throughout most of 2018 and throughout all of the coming year there will be a reduction of royalties, foodservice pricing, and online fees. In addition, it has hired Victoria Russel for its new Chief of Diversity and Inclusion role.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong On Not Giving Up On Your Ideas

E-commerce billionaire and Chinese internet star, Richard Liu Qiangdong, is a man with an impressive story to tell. For starters, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to earn each and every dollar on his current $12.7 billion net worth, which makes him one of the richest men in the world today. But the road hasn’t been this rosy for Richard Liu Qiangdong. During the most recent World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, where he was in attendance, the billionaire gave a brief history of how his journey was riddled with setbacks as well as trying moments. He began his journey in the business world as a restaurant owner. 

Unfortunately, the business didn’t take off as expected. Knee deep in debt  and in despair, Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t give up. He instead took a job as a salesman dealing in medical related products. Once his debt was cleared, Richard decided to give entrepreneurship yet another try.  But this time around, he went forward with another venture, which involved the sales of electronics. Thankfully, this business picked up quite well. But by 2003 the SARS pandemic hit which resulted in the crumbling of thousands of businesses. Thankfully, Richard Liu Qiangdong was fully prepared. And as a result of this, he quickly switched his business to an online platform.  By 2004, was founded and from there, everything seemed to have picked up quite well.

Ten years later, the online company was publically traded in NASDAQ and by 2016, it was raking annual revenues of close to $35 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong always made sure that his company was dealing with legit businesses.  And that’s exactly why his company has grown to become a $60 billion empire with well over 167,000 employees all across the globe. is also known for having well over 500 logistics stores in China alone. The 2017 Variety500 Honoree also made sure the delivery time was greatly improved. For starters, a lot of businesses took a lot of time to deliver their goods to customers. But with, they only take about 6-20 hours to deliver which is quite impressive. And at this point, the rest of their competitors can only play catch up. Learn More.

The Genius of Vijay Eswaran

Hailing from Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is a man of many talents. He is an entrepreneur, an author, and a world-renowned philanthropist. As a businessman, he is the founder and the executive chairperson of the QI Group of Companies, one of the biggest conglomerates with its presence in over 30 countries and operating in diverse markets such as retail, real estate, education, hospitality, and direct selling.

Vijay Eswaran is a truly self-made individual. After getting his early education from Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran earned a degree in Economics from the University of Education in London. He financed his education by working all kinds of odd jobs along with his studies. Once equipped with a degree, Vijay Eswaran moved to the US where he worked in the corporate sector for a few years. Here he put his formal education to the test and gained the experience that later helped him create his massive business back in his home country of Malaysia. Upon returning back to Asia, Vijay Eswaran set up a business in direct selling. Through his skill and relentless drive, the company went from its humble beginnings as a small business to a leader in South-East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Aside from his business ventures, which are many and varied, Eswaran has helped train and empower aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the world. His mentoring of young people has been his way of giving back to society. But his charity extends far beyond the training of entrepreneurs. His foundations help support education, empower young people and women, provide rescue and relief in disaster-stricken areas, and support arts and culture at various levels.

Eswaran is an overall exceptional businessman, a capable academic, and a humanitarian at heart. His struggles in life have reaped great results, and all the challenges he has faced have only made him a stronger individual.

Drive Into The Future With Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

In 1979, physician Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade purchased a Ford Landau from the Ford dealership in the municipality Campina Grande, of Brazil’s Paraíba State. Unfortunately they went bankrupt before they could deliver the coupe, so the doctor offered instead that they trade him the dealership in compensation, as he had already paid for the Landau. This marked Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s launch into entrepreneurship as well as the birth of CAOA, and in less than a decade it became the largest Ford dealership in the entire country.

In the 1990s, CAOA entered into the foreign car market. It was wildly successful, CAOA becoming the exclusive importer of Subaru and putting Hyundai at the top of Brazil’s market, but CAOA’s first import was for the French automaker Renault. Although the deal with Renault expired after a few years, it nevertheless put Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA inside the top ten of Brazil’s automotive sales.

But in 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade saw a dream realized: the opening of CAOA Automobile Assembly S/A, the very first Hyundai factory in Brazil.

Located in Anápolis, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade built the factory with his own money, and in 2015, CAOA added the Center for Research and Energy Efficiency to the plant for automotive research. The research would focus on new engines, fuel sources and vehicle models, while also certifying the designs and building new manufacturing concepts for future use.

The company also has a program which repurposes the waste created by vehicle production and is an active participant in the Brazilian Midwest, working toward reforestation, both of which helped them earn IstoÉ Dinheiro’s “Good Doer Company” Award.

Just one of many that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and his company would earn, the array of which include Carta Capital magazine’s “Most Admired” and Hyundai Motor Group’s “Distributor of the Year.”

In less than 40 years old, CAOA has spread to all regions of Brazil, and with a little help from China’s Chery has its own manufacturer: CAOA CHERY, with 100% Brazilian automobiles.

OSI Group Working Hard to strengthen its Global Markets

Not many companies that operate on the global platform can effectively exploit and benefit from every business opportunity as OSI Group does. One area that OSI has utilized is the food processing and production sector. OSI is among the 100 top leading companies in the world that offer diversified, high quality and budget-friendly food products. OSI has made many acquisitions over the years however, it is the recent acquisition of Baho Food that has grasped the attention of many consumers and investors in the world.Baho Food is a private company based in the Netherlands that is widely known for the production of quality meat products and other related goods for retail industries and food service providers.

It is widely known for providing deli meats and snacks among other food products. This is a deal that not only OSI Group LLC clients have welcomed with opened hands but also its entire management and employees.David G. McDonald who is the chief operating officer and president of OSI confirmed the news saying that it was a great business transaction and an idea to add Baho Food to its chain of business. David went on to say that Baho Foods meets the food provider’s missions and objectives and the high quality brand compliments the firm’s portfolio of products and services. He also feels that the deal will also motivate the company and its entire fraternity to improve and strengthen its food production and delivery endeavours.

The good news for OSI Group is that Baho Foods has been in the market for a number of years and has five affiliates. In addition, it also has world-class food processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. Generally, Baho has been serving customers in more than 18 European nations. The good news for Baho Foods management is that they will remain a part of the business entity and work together with the OSI management.John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Foods said that the company and its executives are pleased to join OSI and building an outstanding relationship. Mr. Balvers feels that Baho is privileged to enjoy such as an opportunity and leverage on the experience and abilities of OSI Group. This acquisition presents OSI an opportunity to reach a wider and new clientele base that will help both companies realize their dreams.

How Malcolm Casselle Is Breathing Life In The Digital Industry

It is evident that the internet is playing a significant role in nearly all the industries in the modern days. It is worth noting that there are principals behind the fascinating progress experienced in the digital world. Malcolm Casselle is a dedicated techie who is particularly concerned about making the gamers’ online marketplace a safe place. Malcolm Casselle, the World Asset eXchange President and OPSkins CIO, has an intrinsic unstoppable desire to see the digital currency grow beyond limits. His fervent leadership has enabled him to make OPSkins a leading marketplace for transactions involving in-game products for video games.

Malcolm Casselle holds a Masters in Computer Science and has played a significant part in many reputable organizations. He is the brain behind MediaPass, a popular digital subscription solution for several keynote media firms. You will be surprised to learn that this defining investor is actively involved with investments in major companies like Zynga and Facebook. At PCCW, he is a Co-founder and is recognized for having raised billions for its public offering and other massive amounts channeled towards private transactions.

Understanding the Concept Employed by WAX

OPSkins came first as an avenue for online video game fanatics to transact safely online. It is a centralized platform that allowed them to buy and sell without fear of scamming. However, later Malcolm thought of a decentralized platform that would be equally efficient and completely fraud-free, and that’s how WAX came to be. This idea was implemented by OPSkins founders. The global gaming platform currently serves a capacity of 400 million players. It is already in use, and clients are enjoying buying, selling, and collecting their in-game items with minimal risks.

WAX allows traders to tokenize virtual goods, which are then easily traded with cryptocurrency. WAX tokens are not limited to video games only. Millions of interested traders get an opportunity to create their virtual stores since the platform is decentralized. From the platform, they reap such benefits as instant payments upon authorization of transactions, assured security, and trustworthy services. Although millions are yet to join the fast-growing platform, it has a lot to offer. Anyone engaging in the global market can rely on WAX.

David McDonald Dedicates Entire Career To OSI Group

It was common in the past to work for a single company for the entire length of one’s career but not so common nowadays. David McDonald is someone that has made that decision to work for just one company and it landed him in the positions of chief operating officer, president, and a seat on the board of directors. He has worked for OSI Group LLC since graduating from college in 1987.His company is one of the world’s largest food producers with customers ranging from industrial, grocery store private-label, and restaurants. He oversees a vast global supply chain that includes suppliers, over 65 food production facilities, and transportation to their customer’s locations.

David McDonald says that while his food company is global in scope they also work closely with local food providers so that all of their customer’s needs can be efficiently met.OSI Group has often grown by acquiring other companies in the food industry. David McDonald usually handles these acquisitions. This was the case when his company recently bought Baho Foods. This is a Dutch firm that offers deli meats, marinades, sauces, and other processed food products to their customers. He said that his company bought Baho Foods because it gave them access to new markets and both companies offer similar products.

In an interview, he extolls the benefits of getting food from OSI Group. David Mcdonald says the key business vision of the company is to always exceed customer expectations. What helps them meet this goal is that they have remained a private company. This gives them the flexibility to take their time and establish solid relationships with their suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. He has never doubted in this vision he said.Based near Chicago, OSI Group is expanding its operations in Europe, Asia, and in North America. In order to support its expansion in North America, they recently bought a food processing plant that was slated to be closed by Tyson Foods. David McDonald says that he was able to negotiate with Tyson Foods and buy this plant at a reasonable cost. This saved the jobs of 500 people who otherwise would have become unemployed.

Madison Street Capital does it yet again

Madison Street Capital has over the years enjoyed exceptional performance as well as an impeccable track record to emerge the leader in their field of business. They have a workforce that has accumulated an extensive array of knowledge in anything to do with financing. They have built extensive relationships with others in the industry that has enabled them to maneuver through even the hardest of times. This healthy mix has made it one of the premier investment banking organizations. Expertise in mergers, acquisitions as well as advisory including financing corporate ventures has made it stand out globally. Their team of specialists can sit down and come up with an appropriate capitalization structure that is unique to every client’s needs. The firm has its main offices located in Chicago with others in different parts of the world including Africa, North America as well as Asia. Since it has been in the sector for some time, it draws plenty of experience to be able to offer services that include restructuring, valuation, forex investment services, private equity services, corporate services. It is not the number of services that they provide that matters but the quality of services that they offer to their clients. Their seasoned staff understands that every situation requires scrutiny as well as precise recommendations. People make decisions according to previous information, and with Madison Street Capital it is impossible to go wrong.




Recently, the company was the advisor to Sachs on its bid on RMG an upcoming industry player in the tech world. RMG is a provider of digital media hardware, proprietary software as well as services. Its reach is massive especially among the fortune one hundred companies of which half of them utilize their products and services. Charles Botchway who is the boss at Madison Street Capital released a statement in connection with the take –private. He mentioned Barry Petersen as the senior director who was directly involved with the ongoing talks as well as the leader of the team that made the transaction successful. Madison Street Capital reputation received yet another applause as Sachs representative Gregory who also happens to be the CEO expressed his gratitude to Madison for their effort and guidance that they provided. The two agree that the acquisition will be profitable especially as it has just launched a cloud-based service that syncs digital signage as well as corporate communication. Madison was there for them from the time they initiated the talks to the time that they concluded the takeover. The firm adds yet another feather in its cap for being an efficient partner that can deliver its promises to its clients. It is a company that can be trusted with handling anything financially related.


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